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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Vidhya Vahini ( Educational support Program )

Shockingly 17.7 million children in India are out of school and working as labors, living on streets due to poverty and No family support. Despite of all these circumstances they have not stopped dreaming. Their dreams are as colorful as many other children’s and they have as much potential to fulfil them. What they lack is a fair chance- an opportunity to go to school.

Project Vidhya Vahini is started by KCT to provide educational support to those orphans and vulnerable children who dream of education but cannot afford their educational needs and we provide suitable help to them (like Books, Bus passes, Exam fee, Scholarships etc) for their education support.
Under this project we establish and maintain educational and other allied institutions to impart education at all stages that may be decided by the trust board from time to time.  
Funding for this project is from like-minded people, Organizations and several individuals. 

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