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Today’s youngsters may be tomorrow’s needy people

Aasara Orphans & Old aged Home

Project Aasara is started by KCT to make underprivileged/Uncured children, Orphans, and Old aged people, Widows under a roof as a family. Aasara provides provisions, food, shelter, clothing, medical assistance, and care to all throughout their life. Funding for this project is from like-minded people, Organization and several individuals. 

Take a land and construct a home that could bring all the people together and see smiles on their faces, Life is beautiful when people are young, energetic and healthy. When you are earning many people surround them as time and years pass by you might stop earning at a time. Slowly people stop talking and avoiding you. By the time they realize what might have happened the person is branded as old flock. Reason being , unknowingly you started complaining about your health, non cooperation of family members, loss of memory, impairment of many things. Surprisingly your own children avoid you for their valid reasons.

People start feeling lonely unwanted. At this point of time one craves desperately for a help that is they need AASARA. (Means a helping hand )

Looking at today’s society and in view difficulties of aged people we in the name AASARA are planning to help people as one of the responsible citizens to the extent we can at RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM by constructing a large and comfortable old age and orphanage home with well ventilated furnished rooms, trained attendants, a primary health care center and 24/7 ambulance availability. We also intend to provide a hygienic food served in a spacious dining hall and congenial atmosphere.
We request all fellow citizens who understand and appreciate our aim to liberally contribute to this noble cause and make this institution the best.

  • Rs 5116/- for one square foot of land in the building, 5 people shall be fed on a requested day every year.

  • Rs 25,116/ for one square yard land.20 people shall be fed on a requested day every year and the name shall be embossed   on the stone plaque.

  • Rs 6,51,116 / for 25 square yards. The donor or his nominated person shall be provided life time service at the home(food & Shelter only ). A room shall be constructed in the name of donor. Their name inscribed on a stone plaque shall be displayed on the outside wall of room

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